Crafting our dream with cork leather

We fell in love with cork leather because it looks and feels just wonderful. May we tell you more about it?
Once cork was the go-to material for wine bottle stoppers. Then, a couple of decades ago, it began to experience a serious challenge from plastics and screw tops. What were the cork producers to do? A great deal of effort was put into finding new markets for cork. It is an excellent insulator - it was used in the nose cones of the shuttles to combat the searing heat experienced when they re-entered the atmosphere; it was transformed into new coverings for floors and walls; made into furniture and household goods; and most importantly for us, a thin laminate of cork was bonded to material to make a new, exciting product known as cork leather or cork fabric.

After a working life in educational aid to developing countries, we were looking for a new challenge when we discovered cork leather. We realised that inspiration from all the nations, cultures and arts we had lived amongst could be blended with this marvellous material to make new, exciting, unique products. We now create wall panels to decorate your home, bracelets and cuffs for both men and women, travel wallets, purses and note books of all kinds. Amongst them you will find diaries and journals, wedding books, contacts/address books, sketch pads, baby books, visitors books and much more.

Quercki Design isn't just an enterprise for us, it is a source of delight. We love designing and manufacturing items that are not only useful but beautiful to own and use. We trust that you too will come to love cork fabric and make it an integral part of your life.

With best wishes to you all.

Margaret and Steve Bradley

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